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Christmas Collision

Theodora, a time consumed professional crosses paths with Charlie, a writer, when she travels to his hometown for business just before Christmas. Both are taken by surprise when unexpected circumstances present themselves.

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a bachelor's valentine

When Claire moves to Paul Bachelor's small town, they may be able to repair their damaged lives while working together to benefit the entire community. But Claire's vindictive ex-husband will do anything he can to keep that from happening.

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wine thief

There's an occasion in every bottle. Coming 2023

A Garnet Films & YABA Production.


After a sudden terminal cancer diagnosis, a teacher and her factory worker husband work to save their marriage from the teetering edge of divorce.

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the green oak guardian

Movie star Grayson Kane is about to bring the hottest new comic book superhero to the big screen, but first, he must get the creator's approval...and she is no pushover.  Coming 2023

Stay Tuned For Upcoming Projects in 2023.

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